IAM : Strategy, Roadmap, Vendor Selection & Governance


We were hired to develop a detailed Access Governance Strategy and implementation roadmap for a large healthcare provider (About 120,000 user identities, 85 hospitals, a large number of ambulatory physician practices, 100s of IT systems or applications).

We conducted a detailed review and Proof–Of-Concept (POC) between vendors to select the technology solution. The solution’s features included Access Request and Workflows, Access Provisioning, Access Certification, Data Access Governance (for Unstructured Data and Content Management Systems), Roles Design and Use Access Lifecycle management.

Further, we worked with the client and the vendor to provide a detailed plan to execute the Access Governance strategy.

Success Factors
  • Our background in Identity & Access Management (Extensive experience with both Strategy and Roadmap engagements as well as implementation support)
  • Our emphasis on business enablement ahead of anything else (This is so central and critical especially in the Healthcare Provider space where clinician experience is key to the success of any program)
  • Our thought leadership and operational experience with risk management and regulatory compliance needs in healthcare
  • Our attention to detail even as we emphasize so much on the need for the right and holistic strategy. Attention to detail is extremely important for executing well, obviously.
Client Testimonials
  • “It has been a privilege to work with you and I am so appreciative of your work on our IAM initiatives. You provided a great foundation and strategy for us to build upon. I also want to thank you for your guidance and insight that you provided on so many different topics. You have been a tremendous asset to us and I hope that we will have the opportunity to work with you again.”
  • “I am so thankful for the support you have given my team to build the Identity Access Governance framework.  You have been such an asset to our team over the years and just so great to work with.” 

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