Our Leaders

Kamal Govindaswamy, CISSP CIPP/US CCSP

Kamal is the founding principal of RisknCompliance Consulting Group.

With over 20 years of consulting services experience, Kamal’s information security and privacy consulting philosophy is rooted in his facts-based-pragmatism for furthering his clients’ business agility and objectives (and not Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt that often characterize our profession). He oversees our consistent track record and exceptional focus on delivering outcomes that truly matter to our clients, for each of their business, risk or regulatory compliance contexts.

His specialties include security or privacy programs - development and implementation of strategies, security or privacy risk or compliance assessments, identity management - strategy or roadmap development and program management, security or privacy operations – develop strategy for and implement monitoring and response capabilities and regulatory compliance.

His clients include large and medium size organizations across Healthcare or Life Sciences, Retail, Financial Services and Consumer Business industries.